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Rio Carnaval Packages - 2025

Our packages include everything you need to have the time of your life!

Welcome to RioBela Carnaval Tours, your premier destination for experiencing the vibrant energy of Brazilian Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Carnaval 2025 will take place from February 28th - March 5th. We specialize in providing comprehensive and luxurious packages that cover every aspect of your journey, from seamless airport transfers to luxurious accommodations, exclusive VIP seating and access to Rio de Janeiro's top events.


Our experienced team ensures you delve deep into the heart of Carnaval, offering unique opportunities such as marching in the parade alongside a samba school, attending exhilarating rehearsals, and donning authentic costumes. With a commitment to Safety and Security, our native Brazilian guides guarantee an unforgettable and worry-free experience. Join us for an exclusive, classy, and upscale adventure into the world's most iconic celebration.

Why Book your 2025 Rio Carnaval Tour With RioBela

Experience Rio's Carnaval Like Never Before

Top Accommodation

Where you stay in Brazil during Carnival is key. You do not want to be far away from the action or stay in unsafe areas. The hotels (from 3 to 5 stars) offered in our packages are located in the best and safest areas of Rio de Janeiro.  

Exclusive Carnaval Event Access

The Brazil Carnaval events we offer are upscale and where the locals go. We work with Brazil’s top promoters and offer the best Carnaval party options. If you aren’t really into parties, we can substitute the parties with additional tours. Check out our latest trip videos for a glimpse of the experience. ​

On-Location Staff

For all of our Brazil Carnaval packages, our staff is on the ground to assist you with any questions or emergencies. English is not widely spoken in Brazil, so it’s always good to have someone there to make sure you are safe and have a great time! 

Fluent Bilingual Hostess 

Our hostess is a native Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro who has lived in the United States for 30 years. Fluent in both English and Portuguese, she has paraded and performed as a samba dancer and event producer in the US, Brazil, and around the world, ensuring you get an authentic and seamless experience. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our guests are our top priorities. We ensure that all our accommodations and events are in safe areas and that our on-location staff is always ready to assist. 

Group of Like-Minded People

The great thing about our travel group is that everyone is there for one reason – to have the time of their lives. It’s always great to meet people from all over the world looking to experience Carnaval to the max! 

Customized Itinerary

We can customize any of our Brazil Carnaval 2025 packages to suit your preferences. For instance, if you want to switch out the parties and include only the Carnaval Parade, we can do that, as well as add-on other destinations.

Great Deals & Payment Plans

We have incredible deals with our suppliers, so we pass the savings on to you. Please inquire about our payment plan. For the best prices, it’s always best to book as early as possible!

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